Welcome to the website for Classes 7A and 7B at Westview School! The purpose of the site is :

  1. to keep parents informed about their child’s busy school life.
  2. to increase student responsibility; students are encouraged to access the site when they are away so that they are informed of classroom news. Students are also encouraged to access the site when they are unsure of instructions, or need reminders.

The “News” button will be updated (almost) daily, and will include events and information pertinent to our classrooms, as well as school announcements. Information will also be written in student agendas.

Note: While I will be teaching the same subjects to 7A and 7B (Literacy, History, Geography, Physical Education, Health, Visual Art), 7A is technically my “home room”. 7B is Mr. Deans’s home room. I will see 7A during first period every morning, and will initial agendas to start the day. Parents of 7A students, kindly do the same, as this will be our primary communication between home and school. Thanks for your attention to this.

7B students: If there is a note for me from your parent(s)/ guardian, please show it to me when you come to class with me!