WWA Due October 23

When we studied “The Monkey’s Paw” we discussed how  W.W. Jacobs was able to “show, not tell”, which means that he brought his characters to life through their actions and through rich descriptions. We, as readers, were able to make inferences about the characters and could determine their nature from the way they behaved.

This week’s assignment is to use the “show, don’t tell” method of writing. Our usual length of writing for a WWA is two paragraphs, and that is sufficient. However, students who love to write are certainly encouraged to write more if they wish.

Choose a character and decide what he/she is like. Then write a short incident involving the character. The reader should be able to determine what the character is like through their actions and dialogue. Don’t forget to use quotation marks when someone is speaking.

Here are some websites which may be helpful:

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