WWA due December 3

The WWA for the week of November 12 was to read John Beeden’s blog, and write questions and thoughts of encouragement for him. We are very pleased that he got our email and responded to it quickly. An offer to visit the classroom was made. So, it’s important that we keep up with Mr. Beeden’s progress.

This week’s assignment is to read the blog entries from November 20 and onward. For each day, write a few point form notes, highlighting the most significant information from each blog entry. Don’t be too skimpy please; explain the points and use your own words.

Today in class we did the entry for November 19 together. Here’s the result so that we know what is expected:

November 19:  Wet, Cold, and Miserable

-weather is tough, high winds creating a swell that keeps soaking John and the boar

-trying to get on the right angle in order to meet the supply drop

-shoulder injury is making rowing difficult

-has received communication from Tony who is organizing the supply rendezvous

-saw flying fish

Okay, that’s five points, but John writes a lot in his blog! Enjoy reading it, and do a good job of reporting. We’ll send another group email to him next week.

Here’s the link:


Scroll down to November 20, and begin there. Work your way to the current entry. I recommend doing a couple at a time, as there is a fair amount of reading.


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