WWA: Read an Eric Walters novel, due January 28


Author Eric Walters will be visiting Westview on March 4. Each student in our class will be reading one of his novels, and will follow this up with a book report.  The WWA for this week (and next if needed), is to read the book and note pages read and comments in the reading log.

Do not lose the log! Students will hand this in when they are finished reading the book, and then will be given the guidelines for the book report.

The books that were distributed today are from our school’s library.  If your child doesn’t like his or her book (not everyone got their first choice), they are welcome to take a different one out from the public library. If you purchase one from a bookstore, Eric Walters will sign the book after his talk on March 4.

Here’s a link to the Hamilton Public Library catalogue.

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