WWA due Thursday, April 21

Let’s Talk Science Questions: Link to Handbook

On May 3rd, five students from our class will be heading to McMaster University to compete in the Let’s Talk Science Challenge. They have been studying, and it’s helpful to have questions in order to quiz them. The material they are learning is interesting, and relevant, so the students NOT competing have the following assignment:

Skim through the handbook, and find an area that interests you. Read that section carefully and construct a question about it, as well as an answer. Give the page number so that we can double check if necessary. Generate five questions from five different areas of the handbook.

For example:

p.104 Q: What happens to the pH of the ocean as it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

A: The pH of the ocean decreases.

Then, next week we will use the questions to quiz the contestants. Questions may be sent to me electronically via Google Drive.

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