Assignment #1 : Summer Vacation Explanation of the Duration of the Sunny Elation; Due Friday, September 12


It’s a time honoured tradition in schools around the globe—having students write about their summer vacations. You’ve had TWO MONTHS off (so have I, as many adults remind me throughout July and August….), so the least you could do is tell us about your adventures! How you do this is up to you. Perhaps you want to focus on one special trip and write a couple of paragraphs about it. Perhaps you are bursting with things to tell me and want to list them off. Please give brief descriptions, however. Adjectives are welcomed. Students will have the option to share their selection with the class on Friday.

When your assignment is complete, place it in the “IN BOX” in class–make sure you put it in the correct one (either 7A or 7B). You may write by hand, or use a computer. I would like a hard copy, though, so please print your selection. If you do not have a printer, make arrangements to use the printer at school. Additionally, you might choose to make a power point, website, or Prezi about your summer. Let me know, and be sure to share the file with me at


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