WWA #2 “Here’s a Great Gym Game!” Due Friday September 16

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The cartoon above represents how I felt about gym class when I was in middle school…, and now I teach middle school gym! ┬áThankfully, after one week of gym classes, it appears that most students in 7A and 7B love gym, and we want to keep that going.

This week`s writing assignment will allow kids to have direct involvement in planning for gym class. It is a piece of instructional writing: write the rules and equipment needed for a favourite gym game. It could be a favourite from your previous school, or you may google a new one from the internet–just remember to do the write up in your own words.

I will put the games on a clipboard, and throughout the year we will play them during gym class. Remember to think of Westview when planning the game–will it be played in the gym, or outside? What equipment is needed (the simpler, the better!) You might also wish to add diagrams to make the rules clear, if needed.

I’ll let you know during the year when we will play your game, and you can choose to teach the students if you would like a leadership opportunity. If you choose to have me teach the game, I will be reading your assignment aloud to the class, so be sure to write clear instructions!

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