WWA on Technology, due Friday, October 7

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There is a lot of debate on the merits of technology from an educational standpoint, and this was reflected on our graffiti wall last night. According to the Westview policy, students may have their devices for educational purposes in class. They are also allowed, however, to have devices during lunch and recess. This is what we need to debate…. Last year I came to a different arrangement with my class. They only used tech for educational purposes during the second break, and no tech went out at recess.

Students are to think this issue over, and create a policy for technology at lunch and recess that they think is beneficial to everyone’s well being. Have rationale (give reasons) to back up your opinion. Write a paragraph or two explaining your position.

And now a positive about technology–most students in 7A and 7B are producing better writing on a computer than by hand. Please feel free to use your HWDSB Google Drive account at home to write the assignment. Edit your work before you hand it in!

Here’s an interesting article about how two¬†university professors are handling tech in their classrooms, for your information:



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