WWA due Friday, October 21

Each student has been assigned a Canadian landmark to research. Your task this week is to read about the landmark¬†(log this in your duotang if you like ūüôā ) ¬†and create one slide about it. Include WHERE it is, WHAT it is, and WHY it is significant. ¬†Include an image. Copy the URL of the source you use. Aim to use reputable sources; remember that anyone can post on Wikipedia, so use that site with caution. Use your HWDSB Google Drive account so that you can work easily between home and school. Use the same log-in which you use at school.

When you are finished, share your Google slide with me. Don’t forget to give your slide a title (e.g. Golden Boy, Mrs. Read). I will collate them to make one big slideshow so that we can learn from each other. ¬†Some keen students asked if they could have more than one slide. Yes! But, remember, I’d prefer one good slide than three “so-so” slides. Sometimes (well, often) less is more.

Here is a sample:


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