Four Truths and A Lie

This is the new vision of the HWDSB:Image result for hwdsb tagline

So, let’s put our creativity to work…

Students are to create four interesting statements about themselves that are TRUE. But, aim for interesting truths, using interesting vocabulary and phrases. Think hard! Ask your parents for ideas, if necessary.

Then, create one LIE, but don’t make it preposterous. Embed the lie somewhere in the mix. Do not make it Number 5 every time.

Bad example:

  1. My car is green.
  2. My couch is beige.
  3. I have 3 TV’s.
  4. I have a dog.
  5. I have a phone.
    (Lie: I have FOUR TVs!!!!!)

Better example, based on yours truly:

  1. When I grew up on West Fifth Street, there was a horse farm beside us. Sometimes the farmer allowed me to feed apples to the horses. I was terrified and thrilled at the same time.
  2. My sister lives in Ottawa and works for the Canadian Coast Guard.
  3. My nostrils are somewhat misshapen. They are definitely not symmetrical.
  4. I have visited my sister in Tanzania, Africa.
  5. Both my parents were teachers. My mother taught Grade 1, and can still recite the “Phono Visual Chart” from memory. My father taught high school science, and his preferred course to teach was Grade 13 Physics.

That sample was written by me… and the lie is #4. Yes, one of my sisters lives in Tanzania, but I have not gone to visit her.

Think creatively about your own life. Everyone has quirky, interesting “truths” in their own personal history. Have fun! Intrigue us! Entertain us!

Students will be presenting their truths and lie to the class, and we will try to spot the lie.

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