Monday, October 24

Science projects: There was confusion about the date. I am just the messenger! I still don’t really know… get it done this week? Sorry for the mix up.

Mental Math sheet is due tomorrow.

Geography: Map of Canada quizzes were returned. Several students from both classes need to get their tests signed and returned tomorrow. Congratulations to the many students who did very well! Thank you for your good effort.

We started latitude and longitude today. Minds blown! 🙂 Here is a great website to practice. If you’re not sure, watch the demo first.

We also watched this Youtube video, which brought out lots of discussion about: Amsterdam, the English Channel, the Panama Canal, the countries making up Great Britain, etc. Skip ahead to 44 seconds if you don’t want to see the introduction.

Lastly, here’s a video on latitude and longitude:

Pizza tomorrow!

Four Truths and a Lie are due Thursday.

Some students still need to finish their slides!

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