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Monday, November 7, 2016

Both 7A and 7B enjoyed a challenging cycling session in the gym today, thanks to NCCH (National Cycling Centre Hamilton). Many students seemed to enjoy this, and their programs are free for a 4 week trial session.  Here’s a link:

Practice your spelling: this Friday is just on continents and oceans, but students who have this down quickly are encouraged to start with countries, because that is coming next.

Interviews: Thanks to the many parents who came out. I still have some phone calls to make. Thanks for your patience.

Fundraising gift card order is due Friday for those interested. Thanks.


November 3

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a PA Day. I look forward to meeting with parents tonight and tomorrow.

There will be a spelling quiz on Friday on the continents and oceans. Students will also start to learn various countries of the world, so our keen spellers might want to start to learn some of the trickier countries to spell like Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.  This work is for those who would like a challenge.
Also, access Sheppard Software in order to start learning the placement of the continents and significant  countries.

WWA for the upcoming week is a grammar sheet. 7B received this, and 7A will get it on Monday.

Music test: Please get this signed and returned to Ms. Downer as soon as possible.

No Math homework this week.

Have a great long weekend, everyone!

November 2

Report cards went home today. I also put a second interview form in for parents from whom I have not heard.  I look forward to meeting with many of you on Thursday evening or Friday morning, or else talking on the phone, so that we can discuss your child’s progress.

Math homework (order of operations or Gauss) is due on Thursday.

Monday, October 31

Interview forms for Thursday evening / Friday morning were sent home today. Please return it either tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Thanks!

A reminder that Friday is a PA Day.

I believe a good time was had by all at the dance today. Here are some pictures to enjoy. 

Friday, October 28

Excitement is in the air… could it be Hallowe’en? Please see yesterday’s post about Hallowe’en, and make sure you bring your “payment” on Monday if you have not yet done so! All food is being donated to Neighbour to Neighbour. We look forward to a great afternoon on Monday.

If you did not hand your Reading Log and/or your sketch book today, please ensure that they are in on Monday.

Math sheet was sent home today (either Gauss, or Order of Operations), and it’s due on Thursday.


4 Truths and 1 Lie: We had great homework completion and participation with this writing exercise. Many students put good effort into this. What a fun way to learn about each other… there were so many interesting truths!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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October 27, 2016

It’s been a busy week over at Westview, which has prevented me from posting for a couple of days. Here are some reminders as we wrap up the week tomorrow:

-We will be having a Halloween dance on Monday during periods 5 and 6. Students may get dressed up during the second nutrition break. Both classes have had discussions about wearing costumes that are appropriate in a school setting. If you’re not sure, students, please ask me or Mr. Deans tomorrow to listen to your costume idea.

There is a `payment`to go to the dance, which is either $2 or two canned goods. However, students are encouraged to be as generous as possible, as all of the food will be donated to Neighbour to Neighbour, which is low on donations right now. Thank you in advance.

Reading Log and sketch are due. One was due Friday, one Monday. Just get them in both BY Monday. I’ll happily take both tomorrow, too.

Science test tomorrow. Project is due, too.

Pizza will be on sale tomorrow.

A few students still need to return their instrument forms for Music.

Tuesday, October 25

Gym today: I wish I had the iPad to take a photo of the game we invented: European handball/ soccer on scooters 🙂 There was lots of great laughs and sportsmanship. I’ll try and get pictures next time.

SIGNED MAPS: I only got one back. Ten students need to return these… tomorrow please!

Four truths and a lie: have this at school for Thursday. Remember that you will be presenting it! Remember to entertain us! See the WWA page if you forget the expectations.

Science is now due on Friday. 7B has a test on Friday on ecosystems. Tomorrow I will try to confirm with 7A when their test is. Hopefully they know.

Monday, October 24

Science projects: There was confusion about the date. I am just the messenger! I still don’t really know… get it done this week? Sorry for the mix up.

Mental Math sheet is due tomorrow.

Geography: Map of Canada quizzes were returned. Several students from both classes need to get their tests signed and returned tomorrow. Congratulations to the many students who did very well! Thank you for your good effort.

We started latitude and longitude today. Minds blown! 🙂 Here is a great website to practice. If you’re not sure, watch the demo first.

We also watched this Youtube video, which brought out lots of discussion about: Amsterdam, the English Channel, the Panama Canal, the countries making up Great Britain, etc. Skip ahead to 44 seconds if you don’t want to see the introduction.

Lastly, here’s a video on latitude and longitude:

Pizza tomorrow!

Four Truths and a Lie are due Thursday.

Some students still need to finish their slides!