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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Last call for Bulldogs tickets! Tomorrow is the last day with no exceptions! Thanks.

WWA on Canada is due on Friday. Several students have asked to stay in to work on this. Please connect with me if you need the time.  Congratulations to the students who have it all finished; it looks like we will have an informative slide show.

Spelling/ Canada Geography quiz on Friday. Students will label a map and will spell words correctly (with leniency given for students in Group 2, as necessary). Students are welcome to take a blank map home to practice.

Free math homework help. A little flyer was sent home. This is a government initiative, and the tutors are certified teachers. Here is the link to sign up:

Don’t forget the link to Sheppard Software (given a previous day) to practice math and Canadian Geography.

EQAO math homework was sent home with 7B today. Most students did very well.



Monday, October 17

Math homework (multiplication for most, Gauss for some) is due tomorrow.  Last week’s homework (EQAO review on patterning) was sent home today. Please check to see how your child did.

Book orders are due tomorrow. We are reading a Gordon Korman book in class right now, and students are enjoying it. A toonie will buy you another of Korman’s books: Swindle is featured this month. If you bring a toonie, I’ll pay the tax 🙂

Pizza will be on sale tomorrow.   Image result for pizza

WWA: Please see the page for all the information about your next assignment. Some ambitious students have already finished, and we were able to view their slides today. Don’t forget to share your slide with me so that I can add it to the big show. Also, computer time is available in my classroom at lunch if you need it.

Spelling–practice those provinces and territories, Group 2. Group 1, also know the capitals.

Bulldog ticket deadline is Thursday.

Pie in the Face: We are continuing our fundraising for cancer research for the Terry Fox Foundation. For $5, students may have the thrill of throwing a pie at a teacher. They may choose whom they wish to target, and the list was read on announcements.  Tickets will be on sale at lunch tomorrow and Wednesday.

Finally, don’t forget to read and enter your progress in your reading log!

Image result for calvin and hobbes cartoons about school

Friday, October 14

Math homework was distributed. Most students got multiplication, others are working on Gauss. Please have work done for Tuesday. I will mark the EQAO patterning exercises over the weekend. Good news on the multiplication front, by the way! 7B played 8B today in a multiplication duel during the last period. And, 7B WON! Way to go, Grade 7’s!

Here is the link to the Beaver Computing Challenge which some students are working on online. Anyone is able to access this if you are interested.

Weekly Writing Assignment is based on our Geography unit we just started. Each student was assigned a place in Canada. Students are to write one paragraph about the place, telling where it is, what it is like, and why it is significant. Include a photo and the URL of the website you use. Create the assignment on Google Slides and share it with me so that I can collate your work and make a big slideshow. I hope to give class time for this as well, if the computer lab gets up and running again. (It’s out of commission right now due to a minor electrical issue.) Students know, however, that they are welcome to use the classroom computers during Nutrition Breaks, but they should ask so that I know they are in the room.  Due Friday.

Spelling: Group 1: learn the spelling of the provinces, territories and capitals

Group 2: Know the placement of the provinces, territories and capitals. Focus on the spelling of the provinces. I will be more lenient with your spelling,  but do your best. And, remember, all of these words are proper nouns and as such should be capitalized! Quiz will be on Friday.

Spelling Bee: Best of luck to Abrar, Kareem, Samira and Tasmee as they participate in the Ancaster Rotary Club Spelling Bee tomorrow afternoon at Mohawk College. I’ll be there to root for you!

I will update the spelling and WWA pages with full details  tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend, everyone!

October 13

Yikes! I erased the board before I took note of the items we  put in our agendas. Here’s what I remember….

-Bulldogs forms due Oct.20, book orders due Oct. 18

-Math:  Most students got this in. If you didn’t, return it tomorrow.

-Geography; We are beginning our studies in Geography.  Students have been asked to make sure they have a section in their binders for this subject, as there will be notes, and there will be a test eventually. You will need notes from which to study.

-Spelling for the upcoming week will be to learn the names of the provinces for Group 2, and provinces and capitals for Group 1. I’ll set this up on a page soon. In the meantime, see yesterday’s post for a link to Sheppard Software to play games to learn Geography.

-Terry Fox money: If you have any, please send it by tomorrow!

Pizza is on sale tomorrow for $1.50 per slice.

Wednesday, October 12

WWA” paragraphs on technology were returned today with some feedback. Many students wrote thoughtful responses. You can see the whole list of results on the “Tech Feedback” page.

Class 7A also took home a paragraph written in class. I corrected it, and then revisions were made. Please have a look at this.

EQAO results were sent home with students who attended Buchanan Park and Westview last year. We’re still waiting on J Mac. Please check to see how your child did.

Class 7A got their book orders for October today. Orders are due next Tuesday.

Math (EQAO review) is due tomorrow.

Bulldogs trips forms were sent home yesterday. They need to be returned by October 20 with $15.

During computer class today we used the “Sheppard Software” to practice math facts and review the provinces and capitals of Canada. Here are links:

Some students are doing more advanced math. Here is the link to the Canadian Computing Challenge so that you can begin practicing. Anyone is welcome to check this out!

Lastly, Read!


Tuesday, October 11

This morning in 7A we began with “Brags and Drags”, which is a session where students can share highlights and lowlights of their weekend. Overall, it sounds like many families had great adventures and family time over the weekend. It was great to have an extra day to the weekend.


Math sheet is due on Thursday. Many students already handed theirs in today. Great!

Spelling quizzes were handed out to 7B today.

Both classes got a Bulldogs trip form. It’s due by October 20, and the cost is $15.

Book orders were passed out to 7B, and 7A will get theirs tomorrow. Orders will be due on Tuesday, October 18.

Tech results have been posted on a separate page. We’ll be discussing these ideas in class. It was interesting to see the wide range of opinions and rationale. This gives us an idea of how difficult it is to make policies!

Don’t forget to read 🙂

Friday, October 7

Wow! What a perfect afternoon for the Terry Fox Run! There was great spirit and effort. Many of our students completed nine laps. Well done! Please return pledge forms and money on Tuesday. Thanks.

Now for some bad news… I received an email from the office that 7A still has 10 students who have not returned their immunization forms. Please hand this in on Tuesday. Let me know via the agenda if you need another form.

Math homework was distributed to 7A today (7B got this yesterday). It’s due on Thursday. Calculators are permitted.

No WWA or Spelling for the upcoming week. Enjoy the long weekend. HOWEVER, keep reading and recording your reading in your log!

7A got their spelling quizzes today. Great results!

You can also work on you sketch of the month, which is due on October 28. Students should sketch a 3D object, like a shoe or some fruit. Here are some examples:

Image result for sketch of shoes
Image result for sketch of fruit


Image result for sketch of stuffed animal

Have a great long weekend, everyone! See you Tuesday.

October 6

The Terry Fox run is tomorrow during Periods 5 and 6. Students are asked to wear red and white to show their Canadian spirit. We’re looking forward to a fun event for a good cause. 

Image result for terry fox

Pizza will be on sale tomorrow.

Some students need to hand in the Tech writing assignment tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your responses and I will collate them so you can see what your classmates think.

Class 7B has received two things which Class 7A will get tomorrow: a sheet of math homework (on patterning to review the unit just finished in math), and a sketch book for art. A sketch a month is due, and will be due at the end of the month.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we had a discussion about gratitude and thankfulness today. The students saw conditions in schools in other countries, and we had a long discussion about world events and geography which was centred around a slideshow. I think everyone learned something; you might want to ask your child what information resonated with him or her.

Good luck to Aidan P in Class 7A as he bravely faces getting his tonsils out tomorrow! All the best!

Tuesday, October 4

Terry Fox: Our school run will be on Friday, and it looks like the weather will be great. Please consider donating, and return pledge forms by Friday. On Friday, please wear red and white to show our Canadian pride, as Terry Fox is a Canadian hero. Thanks.Image result for terry fox

I think most students got their math homework in which was due today. If you didn’t, please get it in for tomorrow.

Remember the WWA on Tech is due on Thursday, and there’s a spelling quiz.


Grammar: A sheet was returned today; students did this the second week of school and I neglected to return it. We’ve already come a long way since then 🙂 Most students could identify nouns, but some got mixed up with adjectives. We watched this old school video as a reminder: